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    Delaying Required IRA Distributions—Again— Would Largely Help Only The Wealthy

    Couple enjoying a sailing cruise. getty  The House Ways & Means Committee is once again tinkering with the law that requires retirees to take minimum distributions from their individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s. Each time, Congress eases the required minimum distribution (RMD) rules at great cost to the federal government. Yet the beneficiaries would… More

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    How To Protect Your Investment Portfolio In 2021

    Human hand stacking generic coins over a black background with hexagonal golden shapes. Concept of … [+] investment management and portfolio diversification. Composite image between a hand photography and a 3D background. getty An unlikely set of investors drew worldwide attention when they banded together, via social media platforms, to drive up the value of… More

  • the-guns-and-butter-era-has-returned,-bringing-inflation-with-it
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    The Guns And Butter Era Has Returned, Bringing Inflation With It

    2nd December 1963: American President Lyndon Baines Johnson addresses the nation on his first … [+] thanksgiving day television programme, broadcast from the executive offices of the White House. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images) Getty Images In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. government embarked on an unprecedented surge of fiscal spending and monetary easing… More

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    Top Stocks To Short Today As Markets Set For Weekly Loss

    getty The market ticked up somewhat after Thursday’s violent sell-off due to concerns of tax hikes. The Biden administration has already discussed hiking the corporate tax rate to 28% to fund their $2 trillion infrastructure bill. But on Thursday, news broke that they are considering hiking the capital gains tax rate for all those earning… More

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    Top 3 Lessons For Financial Independence

    Jeff Sekinger, CEO of 0 Percent which helps people reach financial independence 0 Percent Since 2018, Jeff Sekinger has helped several thousands of people through his company, 0 Percent, which offers financial consulting services to help people leverage business credit so they can fund their entrepreneurial ambitions. In the last three years, he has grown… More

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    Got $300K? These Funds Could Let You Retire Now

    Early retirement handwritten in a note. getty This “stocks-up, yields-down” market is clobbering income investors. With stock prices floating higher, yields are crumbling to dust: with the 1.3% payout on the typical S&P 500 stock—a 20-year low—you’d need to invest $2.2 million to get just $2,500 a month in dividends! (And let’s not forget that… More

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    Two Powerful Charitable Giving Strategies—Compared

    Which is better, using appreciated securities or an IRA? Here’s a calculator to answer the question. Volunteers at Habitat for Humanity in Culver City, California. (Photo by John Wolfsohn) Getty Images The 2017 tax law, with its huge standard deduction, did serious damage to the tax benefits of philanthropy: Now, for a lot of taxpayers,… More

  • are-investors-too-bullish-on-earnings?
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    Are Investors Too Bullish On Earnings?

    Stock market on target getty It was another good week for the stock market, as many of the market averages made further new highs. After the April 1 surge by the S&P 500 above 4000, this was certainly not surprising. It was also a good week for the European markets, as the German DAX and the… More

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    Stocks This Week: Buy American Express And Analog Devices

    Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg © 2020 Bloomberg Finance LP Here is the short-term market analysis and two long stock recommendations. The S&P cycles have bottomed. From March 26 to April 11, the S&P has risen 66.3% of the time for an average 17.6% gain or an expected return of 11.7%, the second lowest among the… More

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