How to Effectively Network on LinkedIn

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If you’re looking to build authority on a social media platform in 2021 and beyond, LinkedIn has to be the place you put your focus in.

There are essentially two types of platforms. There are ‘content-saturated’ platforms such as Facebook, and ‘content-deficient’ platforms such as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a ‘content-deficient’ platform. Which means that there are more users than there are content. This also means that you have a huge opportunity to make an engaging content plan that can get you thousands of followers very quickly.

Where is this all going? If you’re going to use LinkedIn to connect with professional networks across your industry and/or beyond, you will need to appear as someone who is ‘network-worthy’. That goes back to all the things you will share on your page and tweaks you will make to optimize your profile.

Here are 5 things you need to do to effectively network on LinkedIn…

Make sure your profile is complete

A good impression is equally as important online as it is in person when it comes to networking. An incomplete profile comes off as being unprofessional and as someone who is not serious. Make sure each section is filled in, make good use of white space and make sure to have stellar content that is free of grammatical errors. So the very first thing you should do before you start networking on LinkedIn is making sure you complete your profile and optimize it to its full potential, to make sure you stand out.

Interact with other Professionals and companies

With a platform like LinkedIn, interaction is like your social currency. This is why interacting with other professionals and companies allows you to increase your visibility on the platform. After all, what is the point of having a large network of people if you don’t engage with them and share relevant content to receive feedback and constructive criticism?

Publish and share content

Publishing articles and content you have written or created allows you to share your knowledge and expertise with your connections and allows others to find you and what you have to offer on the platform. This is a great way to grow your network and have your voice be heard to potential clients or future opportunities for growth. Publish content that will add value to you and your profile.

Request and write Recommendations

This is almost like an online reference check or reputation. This allows profiles to endorse their work. Colleagues, friends, professors, bosses can validate your skills giving you credibility. However, it works both ways: make sure to recommend the work and credentials of someone too, if you want support from your connections.

Know your niche/focus

You need to have a specific focus or goal in mind as to why you want to network. Are you trying to build your brand and sell your services? Or are you looking for a job that you qualify for and have the credentials for? This is why you must know your focus, what is your purpose and passions in regards to your niche and make sure it is aligned with industries, organizations, etc. Hence, it is equally important that this focus is apparent on your profile and if someone was to view your profile they would know what your niche is and what your online brand is about.

Networking beyond LinkedIn?

There may be times when you just need someone’s email, and LinkedIn just won’t do the job for you. Check out to find the emails of professionals employed at companies from different industries.

But don’t get carried away with those cold emails. Make sure you adopt a ‘give first’ approach where you’re offering a benefit to someone potentially connecting with you.

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