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  • crypto-transactions-must-be-easier-that’s-it.-that’s-the-headline

    Crypto transactions must be easier. That’s it. That’s the headline

    The gulf between users and those who are designing cryptocurrency service platforms must be bridged before the masses will make the leap. As Bitcoin’s (BTC) price continues to climb ever higher, more and more people are beginning to educate themselves on how they can enter the cryptocurrency market. However, the realities of cryptocurrency ownership (long… More

  • corporate-giants-may-not-follow-microstrategy’s-bitcoin-adoption-play,-raoul-pal-explains

    Corporate giants may not follow MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin adoption play, Raoul Pal explains

    Communication is key, especially when it comes to explaining Bitcoin to mainstream corporate entities. Earlier this year, business intelligence giant MicroStrategy put $425 million of its treasury funds into Bitcoin (BTC). The move was largely seen as a big step in the right direction for mainstream Bitcoin adoption. MicroStrategy, with its CEO and founder Michael… More

  • blockchain-is-still-far-from-maturity,-says-china’s-former-it-minister

    Blockchain is still far from maturity, says China’s former IT minister

    He doesn’t seem to think China is that far ahead of the USA when it comes to blockchain development — at least for now. Wu Zhongze, China’s former vice-minister for Science and Technology and a well-known digital economics expert, believes that blockchain technology is still quite young.During an interview with The Paper, the former IT… More

  • gemini-exec-to-join-bitstamp-crypto-exchange-as-new-ceo

    Gemini exec to join Bitstamp crypto exchange as new CEO

    Bitstamp is replacing its CEO for the first time since the company’s establishment. Bitstamp, one of the world’s oldest and largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is replacing its CEO for the first time.Nejc Kodrič, the firm’s CEO who co-founded Bitstamp back in 2011, is stepping down from his position. He will be moving into a new advisory… More

  • bitcoin-futures-impact-price-more-than-spot-markets:-wilshire-phoenix
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    Bitcoin futures impact price more than spot markets: Wilshire Phoenix

    The information in the report appears to confirm what many in the industry already believed to be true. A new report from investment firm Wilshire Phoenix claims that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s, or CME’s, cash-settled Bitcoin futures trading products affect Bitcoin’s price even though they do not directly involve actual real Bitcoin (BTC).“The findings of… More