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  • japanese-payments-firm-jcb-and-mizuho-bank-test-blockchain-based-id

    Japanese payments firm JCB and Mizuho Bank test blockchain-based ID

    Fujitsu has been working on blockchain-based digital identity tools since 2019. Major financial institutions in Japan are moving into blockchain to streamline digital identity systems.Japan’s third-largest bank, Mizuho Bank, and local payment giant JCB are preparing to pilot a digital identity interoperability system based on blockchain technology. The new system will utilize a blockchain solution… More

  • australian-securities-exchange-to-triple-capacity-of-dlt-system
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    Australian Securities Exchange to triple capacity of DLT system

    The new blockchain-based system will replace the existing CHESS system The Australian Securities Exchange will delay its blockchain-based CHESS replacement after huge trading volumes due to the pandemic required a massive expansion of capacity. The DLT- based system had been scheduled for official trials in December, with a planned launch window of early 2022.At its… More

  • congress-weighs-crypto-payments-and-fintech-lending-in-hearing-today

    Congress weighs crypto payments and fintech lending in hearing today

    Despite skepticism about loosening regulations on loans, the Fintech Task Force couldn’t stop talking about crypto as a way of upgrading payments in the U.S. In a hearing on Tuesday, the Congressional Fintech Task Force heard arguments on new rules that would potentially expand banking regulations to accommodate more technology firms providing financial services.A subunit… More