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  • crypto-businesses-struggling-to-fill-job-openings-amid-industry-expansion

    Crypto businesses struggling to fill job openings amid industry expansion

    Crypto firms pursuing global expansion agendas are having to compete to attract the limited number of top talent to fill job positions. The skills shortage among crypto’s specialized workforce is causing significant competition among businesses to secure the right talent for their organizations.According to Bloomberg, crypto firms are finding it somewhat difficult to find the… More

  • an-online-future-for-finance-is-inevitable,-says-occ’s-brooks
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    An online future for finance is inevitable, says OCC’s Brooks

    Brooks considers the migration of the financial system onto the internet “inevitable.” The departing leader of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is convinced that the future of finance is blockchain-native, per a conversation with crypto analytics firm Elliptic on Wednesday.Described by Elliptic CEO Simone Maina as “a fairy godfather to the crypto… More

  • swiss-crypto-bank-sygnum-tokenizes-shares-and-prepares-for-public-offering

    Swiss crypto bank Sygnum tokenizes shares and prepares for public offering

    Sygnum claims it is the first bank in the world to tokenize its shares. Sygnum, a major cryptocurrency bank in Switzerland, has successfully tokenized its shares on a blockchain in preparation for its upcoming public sale.According to an official Dec. 14 announcement, the bank tokenized its shares on the Ethereum blockchain using a proprietary tokenization… More

  • japanese-payments-firm-jcb-and-mizuho-bank-test-blockchain-based-id

    Japanese payments firm JCB and Mizuho Bank test blockchain-based ID

    Fujitsu has been working on blockchain-based digital identity tools since 2019. Major financial institutions in Japan are moving into blockchain to streamline digital identity systems.Japan’s third-largest bank, Mizuho Bank, and local payment giant JCB are preparing to pilot a digital identity interoperability system based on blockchain technology. The new system will utilize a blockchain solution… More

  • australian-securities-exchange-to-triple-capacity-of-dlt-system
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    Australian Securities Exchange to triple capacity of DLT system

    The new blockchain-based system will replace the existing CHESS system The Australian Securities Exchange will delay its blockchain-based CHESS replacement after huge trading volumes due to the pandemic required a massive expansion of capacity. The DLT- based system had been scheduled for official trials in December, with a planned launch window of early 2022.At its… More

  • congress-weighs-crypto-payments-and-fintech-lending-in-hearing-today

    Congress weighs crypto payments and fintech lending in hearing today

    Despite skepticism about loosening regulations on loans, the Fintech Task Force couldn’t stop talking about crypto as a way of upgrading payments in the U.S. In a hearing on Tuesday, the Congressional Fintech Task Force heard arguments on new rules that would potentially expand banking regulations to accommodate more technology firms providing financial services.A subunit… More

  • top-indian-central-banker-says-cryptos-have-a-future-but-fears-monopoly
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    Top Indian Central Banker Says Cryptos Have a Future But Fears Monopoly

    A former chief economist of the IMF said neither private digital currencies nor central bank digital currencies should hold a monopoly. The former governor of Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, said that private cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Facebook’s Libra may have a future even when central banks roll out their own digital currencies.Rajan,… More