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    5 Personal Finance Books To Read In 2022

    All of the books I am recommending are on my shelf, and I was so excited about them that I brought … [+] the authors onto my podcast to talk about them. getty I wrote a very similar article back in 2020 with a list of five books I thought everyone should read. I stand… More

  • how-to-avoid-making-reflexive-investment-decisions
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    How To Avoid Making Reflexive Investment Decisions

    There’s a tug of war between our hearts and minds in making investment decisions. When emotions win—as they often do—we become our own worst enemies and underperform the broader market. According to DALBAR research, one of the single biggest variables in investment performance is investor behavior. It’s primarily responsible for the continual underperformance of the… More

  • what-the-bob-ross-estate-fight-can-teach-business-owners
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    What The Bob Ross Estate Fight Can Teach Business Owners

    By Kimberly A. Eddleston and Jonas Ruzek, Next Avenue Editor’s note: This article is co-written by a member of the board of editors at from The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, which is a funder of a Next Avenue. ASSOCIATED PRESS The new, buzzy Netflix NFLX documentary on the late, beloved, iconic public broadcasting TV host, painter Bob… More

  • how-to-use-a-roth-ira-to-save-money-for-college
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    How To Use A Roth IRA To Save Money For College

    The cost of a college education continues to soar with no end in sight. College tuition rises at more than twice the rate of inflation, growing by about 8% per year, on average. At this rate, the cost of a college education will double every nine years. This has many parents understandably concerned about paying… More

  • ask-larry:-if-i-reach-fra-in-december-2022,-what-will-my-benefits-be-in-january-2022?
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    Ask Larry: If I Reach FRA In December 2022, What Will My Benefits Be In January 2022?

    Ask Larry Economic Security Planning, Inc. Today’s column addresses questions about the rate of reduction for filing less than 12 months before full retirement age (FRA), eligibility for benefits based on an ex’s record and how and when delayed retirement credits (DRCs) are applied when filing after FRA. Larry Kotlikoff is a Professor of Economics… More

  • making-the-most-of-our-money-mishaps
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    Making The Most Of Our Money Mishaps

    Perfection in financial planning is impossible and its pursuit may actually be counterproductive. It may be better said that financial planning is fundamentally an exercise in mistake management and minimization. Much like major league batters in baseball, three-point shooters in basketball, and football quarterbacks in pursuit of completing passes, you may well fall short more… More

  • file-an-amended-2020-tax-return-after-new-ppp-guidance,-or-wait?
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    File An Amended 2020 Tax Return After New PPP Guidance, Or Wait?

    The latest guidance for the Paycheck Protection Program solves a problem related to deductions, but … [+] also brings a decision on when to claim the benefit. getty If you received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, but did not deduct payroll expenses on your 2020 tax return, this is what you need to know.… More

  • guaranteed-income-meets-target-date
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    Guaranteed Income Meets Target Date

    Missing piece. getty During market pull-backs, investors in different generations tend to behave differently. Plan participants close to retirement are more inclined to prematurely exit the market and younger people tend to remain invested. Market, “sequence of returns”1 and longevity risks address those concerns; but longevity risk has likely been the most influential factor over… More

  • cvs,-walmart-and-home-depot-join-fight-against-rampant-social-security-scams
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    CVS, Walmart And Home Depot Join Fight Against Rampant Social Security Scams

    Protect yourself from Social Security scams. Be on the lookout for fake calls and emails. getty If you’re shopping at CVS tomorrow, you might hear the voice of Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul over the speaker system, warning Americans to beware of Social Security telephone and email scams. Screens behind customer service desks at Walmart… More

  • will-gamestop-activism-ruin-your-retirement?
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    Will GameStop Activism Ruin Your Retirement?

    GameStop logos displayed on a phone and a laptop screens are seen in this illustration photo taken … [+] in Poland on January 28, 2021. In the last days the GameStop stock short squeeze continues. (Photo illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images) NurPhoto via Getty Images There’s a new form of shareholder activism being… More

  • smart-move-for-your-home-business:-hiring-a-virtual-assistant
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    Smart Move For Your Home Business: Hiring A Virtual Assistant

    By Kerry Hannon, Next Avenue getty Six months after Tamara Schumer, of Fairfax, Va., opened her home-based window-treatment business in 2016, it took off. “I was fortunate,” says Schumer, owner of Budget Blinds of Arlington & Alexandria. “But it was very stressful trying to handle customer service, scheduling, follow-up, orders, sales — all of that… More

  • three-reasons-to-take-your-rmds-now
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    Three Reasons To Take Your RMDs Now

    Now that the 2020 is over, remorse may set in and you may be left wondering if you should have done something different to save taxes. A common question I hear is whether it make sense for retirees to take their required minimum distributions (RMDs) now or if they should save taxes by taking them… More

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