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  • 3-key-reasons-why-polkastarter-(pols)-price-rallied-500%-since-december
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    3 key reasons why Polkastarter (POLS) price rallied 500% since December

    New partnerships, interest in initial decentralized exchange offerings and the success of Polkadot back Polkastarter’s impressive 500% rally. Polkastarter (POLS) is a cross-chain token pool and auction protocol built on the Polkadot (DOT) blockchain. It launched in October of 2020 as a way for projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment and since January… More

  • an-online-future-for-finance-is-inevitable,-says-occ’s-brooks
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    An online future for finance is inevitable, says OCC’s Brooks

    Brooks considers the migration of the financial system onto the internet “inevitable.” The departing leader of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is convinced that the future of finance is blockchain-native, per a conversation with crypto analytics firm Elliptic on Wednesday.Described by Elliptic CEO Simone Maina as “a fairy godfather to the crypto… More

  • key-bitcoin-price-metric-signals-btc-may-be-near-a-local-top


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    Key Bitcoin price metric signals BTC may be near a local top

    Bitcoin miners are selling at a level unseen since July 2019 when BTC price topped out at $14,000. According to data from CryptoQuant, miners appear to be selling large amounts of Bitcoin (BTC). Historically, heightened selling pressure from miners marked a local top and led to sharp, prolonged corrections.BTC/USDT 1-hour chart. Source: TradingView.comWhy are Bitcoin… More

  • ether-fees-are-at-it-again

    Ether fees are at it again

    Ethereum 2.0 continues to struggle with the scaling woes of its predecessor. Fees on the Ethereum network have reached an average of $10.20 per transaction as of Sunday, according to data from YCharts. The network’s fees went higher on only two occasions in 2020, briefly averaging $12.54 in early September. They again rose to $11.69… More

  • crypto-transactions-must-be-easier-that’s-it.-that’s-the-headline

    Crypto transactions must be easier. That’s it. That’s the headline

    The gulf between users and those who are designing cryptocurrency service platforms must be bridged before the masses will make the leap. As Bitcoin’s (BTC) price continues to climb ever higher, more and more people are beginning to educate themselves on how they can enter the cryptocurrency market. However, the realities of cryptocurrency ownership (long… More

  • new-york-authorizes-first-yen-stablecoin-operator-in-the-us

    New York authorizes first Yen stablecoin operator in the US

    Japanese firm GMO will now be able to offer Yen and dollar-pegged stablecoins to the public in New York. New York has given the first authorization to a stablecoin backed by the Japanese Yen to operate in the U.S.Per a Dec. 29 announcement, the New York Department of Financial Services has granted Japanese firm a… More

  • when-altseason?-here’s-why-bitcoin-is-leaving-major-altcoins-like-ethereum-behind
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    When altseason? Here’s why Bitcoin is leaving major altcoins like Ethereum behind

    Ethereum and the altcoin market are stagnating against Bitcoin with the ETH/BTC pair being the key to the next altseason. Ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain, has been lagging behind Bitcoin (BTC). Historically, when BTC surges, altcoins tend to rally with larger upside price movements.This time, Bitcoin has been clearly outperforming the… More

  • bitcoin-dominance-hits-1-year-peak-amid-xrp-sell-off-as-$24k-briefly-returns
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    Bitcoin dominance hits 1-year peak amid XRP sell-off as $24K briefly returns

    Bitcoin sees major volatility and a tussle between bullish and bearish levels while altcoin traders feel the pain of an XRP sell-off. Bitcoin (BTC) kept the volatility coming on Dec. 23 as a dive to $22,800 sparked a lightning-fast rally to classic $24,000 resistance.Cryptocurrency market daily performance. Source: Coin360BTC dominance hits highest since late 2019Data… More

  • crypto’s-loudest-cheerleaders-in-2020

    Crypto’s loudest cheerleaders in 2020

    The biggest names and strongest voices cheering on crypto throughout 2020. For much of 2020, it wasn’t exactly a hard year to be a cheerleader for cryptocurrency. Emerging from a brutal macro bear market, the space once again proved doubters wrong and attracted a new batch of converts as money-printing efforts across the globe turned savers… More

  • wolfram-alpha-teams-up-with-cardano-to-build-‘avant-garde-oracles’

    Wolfram Alpha teams up with Cardano to build ‘avant-garde oracles’

    Cardano is the next blockchain to integrate with the world’s largest answer engine in 2021. Wolfram Alpha, a major computational knowledge engine providing technology for major services like Apple’s Siri assistant, is integrating data from Cardano blockchain.According to a Dec. 17 announcement, Wolfram Blockchain Labs, or WBL, a subsidiary of Wolfram Research, has partnered with… More

  • swiss-crypto-bank-sygnum-tokenizes-shares-and-prepares-for-public-offering



    Swiss crypto bank Sygnum tokenizes shares and prepares for public offering

    Sygnum claims it is the first bank in the world to tokenize its shares. Sygnum, a major cryptocurrency bank in Switzerland, has successfully tokenized its shares on a blockchain in preparation for its upcoming public sale.According to an official Dec. 14 announcement, the bank tokenized its shares on the Ethereum blockchain using a proprietary tokenization… More

  • sweden-is-studying-a-potential-transition-to-the-e-krona-cbdc

    Sweden is studying a potential transition to the e-krona CBDC

    Sweden is examining risks and consequences of moving its economy to its e-krona digital currency. The Swedish government is progressing with its central bank digital currency, or CBDC, by launching a formal review of a potential transition to the digital currency.According to a Dec. 11 Bloomberg report, the review will explore the feasibility of moving… More

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