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  • reeling-from-post-hack-price-slump,-easyfi-reveals-community-compensation-plan
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    Reeling from post-hack price slump, Easyfi reveals community compensation plan

    Stablecoins, IOU tokens, and future incentive programs are coming down the pipe for jilted investors. After a devastating hack, a cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol has revealed today a temporary compensation plan for token holders and investors impacted by one of the largest exploits in DeFi history. In a Tweet today, EasyFi announced their “Interim Compensation… More

  • what is an ico?

    What is An Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

    Introduction If you have been following the news and content in the field of cryptocurrencies in some way or are active in this field, you have probably heard or are familiar with the term initial coin offering (ICO). In the field of cryptocurrencies, developers and idea makers in this field can provide funding for their […] More

  • australian-senate-committee-calls-for-national-blockchain-land-registry

    Australian senate committee calls for national blockchain land registry

    Australia’s senate committee on technology and finance wants lawmakers to establish a national blockchain land registry. An Australian senate committee has published a report calling for a blockchain-based national land registry, better clarity over laws relating to smart contracts, and continued efforts to establish international standards for DLT.The Select Committee on Australia as a Technology… More

  • top-chinese-banks-promote-cbdc-over-local-payment-firms-for-shopping-festival

    Top Chinese banks promote CBDC over local payment firms for shopping festival

    Leading Chinese banks are promoting the digital yuan over Alipay and WeChat Pay for an upcoming shopping festival in China. Some of China’s largest state banks are actively promoting the digital yuan as a superior means of payment to the country’s two leading payment providers, Alipay and WeChat Pay.In an April 26 report, Reuters revealed that… More

  • enterprise-level-partnerships-send-vechain-(vet)-price-to-new-highs
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    Enterprise-level partnerships send VeChain (VET) price to new highs

    Real-world use cases and enterprise-level partnerships are just a few factors behind VeChain’s recent breakout to a new all-time high. Real-world partnerships and integrations into thriving industries are some of the best forms of validation for blockchain projects that are seeking long-term sustainability and widespread adoption. They also have the ability to spark rallies that… More

  • celebrity-vc-fund-unveils-$1m-nft-contest-judged-by-snoop-dogg-and-mark-cuban

    Celebrity VC fund unveils $1m NFT contest judged by Snoop Dogg and Mark Cuban

    If your NFT idea is innovative enough, Snoop Dogg, Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher, and other celebrities could invest $1 million into it as part of a Shark Tank-style contest. Sound Ventures, a venture capital fund comprising celebrities, musicians, and a billionaire, are offering at least $1 million for the “most innovative” idea for a nonfungible… More

  • painting-by-avant-garde-master-baranoff-rossine-to-be-auctioned-as-a-nft

    Painting by avant-garde master Baranoff-Rossine to be auctioned as a NFT

    Mintable will be hosting the high-priced auction alongside more approachable pieces An early 20th century master who boasts a permanent installation at the Museum of Modern Art is about to get new life on the blockchain. In collaboration with NFT marketplace Mintable, the family of Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine will be releasing a collection of the esteemed Cubo-Futurist’s… More

  • digital-asset-investment-products-hit-record-$4.2b-inflows-already-this-quarter
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    Digital asset investment products hit record $4.2B inflows already this quarter

    Bitcoin dominates but Ethereum is growing in popularity for institutional investment products. According to digital asset investment manager, CoinShares, institutional-grade crypto asset investment products inflows have already reached record levels so far in 2021.According to Coinshares’ March 15 Fund Flows Weekly report first quarter inflows into cryptocurrency funds are up 7.7% and already total $4.2… More

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