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  • mark-cuban-faces-class-action-lawsuit-for-promoting-voyager-crypto-products

    Mark Cuban faces class action lawsuit for promoting Voyager crypto products

    The lawsuit alleged Mark Cuban misrepresented the crypto offerings and services by Voyager and leveraged his years of experience to lure inexperienced customers into investing their life savings. Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur who has been quite active in the crypto ecosystem for the past year, is facing a class-action lawsuit over his promotions of… More

  • israel-puts-the-brakes-on-cash-to-spur-digital-payments

    Israel puts the brakes on cash to spur digital payments

    It’s believed that Israel will neither be the first nor last country to impose such measures. Authorities in Israel on Monday has in put in place further restrictions on cash payments as a means to combat illegal activity and spur digital payments in the country. Since January 2019, Israeli businesses and consumers have been subject to… More

  • all-‘ethereum-killers’-will-fail:-blockdaemon’s-freddy-zwanzger

    All ‘Ethereum killers’ will fail: Blockdaemon’s Freddy Zwanzger

    “All the Ethereum killers from back in the day didn’t succeed, and I don’t expect them to succeed at all,” Blockdaemon’s Ethereum lead told Cointelegraph. Blockdaemon’s ETH ecosystem lead Freddy Zwanzger believes Ethereum will retain its leadership position in the crypto ecosystem over the coming years due to its utility as a smart contract platform… More

  • bitfrost-releases-upgraded-salp-2.0-after-protocol-helped-secure-$450m-via-parachain-auctions

    Bitfrost releases upgraded SALP 2.0 after protocol helped secure $450M via parachain auctions

    The move comes after 18 Polkadot parachain auctions were secured on the original SALP protocol. On Friday, Bitfrost, a Web 3.0 derivatives protocol that provides decentralized cross-chain liquidity for staked assets, launched the updated Slot Liquidity Auction Protocol dubbed “SALP 2.0.” Projects such as Moonbeam, Unique network, OAK network, Polkadex, etc., held their parachain crowdloans… More

  • coin-center-takes-us-treasury-to-court-over-alleged-financial-spying

    Coin Center takes US Treasury to court over alleged financial spying

    Coin Center filed a lawsuit against the Treasury Department in federal district court — challenging the enforcement of Section 6050I’s reporting mandate. Coin Center, a Washingon, DC-based non-profit blockchain advocacy group, filed a lawsuit against the United States Department of the Treasury for allegedly provisioning an unconstitutional amendment in the controversial infrastructure bill.Coin Center lawsuit… More

  • the-more-you-know-about-bitcoin,-the-more-optimistic-you-are:-block-survey

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    The more you know about Bitcoin, the more optimistic you are: Block survey

    Over 9,500 people around the world were surveyed for Block’s 2022 Bitcoin report which showed that more optimistic individuals possessed a greater self-reported knowledge level of the crypto. A survey from digital payment company Block Inc. has found that the higher respondents rated their own level of cryptocurrency knowledge, the more optimistic they are about… More

  • why-is-ethereum-used-for-nfts?
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    Why is Ethereum used for NFTs?

    Read this guide to understand the relationship between Ethereum and NFTs, and explore why Ethereum is used for NFTs. Which blockchain is best for NFTs?When choosing any blockchain for minting NFTs, such as Ethereum for NFT development, ensure the robustness of its smart contracts, check the blockchain’s fee structure, security measures and transaction speed, and… More

  • price-analysis-5/11:-btc,-eth,-bnb,-xrp,-ada,-sol,-doge,-dot,-avax,-shib
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    Price analysis 5/11: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, SOL, DOGE, DOT, AVAX, SHIB

    The implosion of the Terra ecosystem appears to be manifesting contagion that is negatively impacting Bitcoin and altcoins. The crisis with Terra’s stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) and the freefall in Terra’s LUNA token has dented crypto sentiment further. Although Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon announced a relief plan, the community does not seem too hopeful about… More

  • nfts,-daos-and-the-importance-of-roadmaps

    NFTs, DAOs and the importance of roadmaps

    A deep dive into the worlds of nonfungible tokens and decentralized autonomous organizations, and how they can benefit from each other. When CryptoKitties came out, it was hilarious to me. “Wait a second,” I thought. “So, you mean this JPEG can have sex with this JPEG and make a new baby JPEG? Say what?” When… More

  • dex-aims-to-take-on-uniswap-with-its-concentrated-liquidity-bet

    DEX aims to take on Uniswap with its concentrated liquidity bet

    Concentrated liquidity has become the latest trend in the DeFi world with several projects shifting to the new liquidity model on various blockchains. Decentralized exchange (DEX) protocols have become a key part of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem where liquidity and liquidity providers play a pivotal role in keeping the vastly growing space moving.While DEX… More

  • how-to-get-premium-high-resolution-metaverse-and-nft-images

    How to get premium high-resolution metaverse and NFT images

    Metaverse and NFT images can either be downloaded from Adobe Stock or Pexels, or you can create them yourself using Photo Sphere or Splash apps. You’ve probably already heard of the nonfungible tokens (NFTs) craze as these colorful, almost cartoon-like pictures. And, when you think of the Metaverse, you already see a bright and virtual… More

  • dao-regulation-in-australia:-issues-and-solutions,-part-2

    DAO regulation in Australia: Issues and solutions, Part 2

    DAOs appeared as the response to red tape and obsolete approaches in governance. Will regulation in Australia stifle innovations? Lawmakers in Australia want to regulate decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). In this three-part series, Oleksii Konashevych discusses the risks of stifling the emerging phenomenon of DAOs and possible solutions.Regulating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) as a… More

  • trezor-investigates-potential-data-breach-as-users-cite-phishing-attacks

    Trezor investigates potential data breach as users cite phishing attacks

    Numerous users on Twitter alarmed Trezor of an ongoing email phishing campaign specifically targeting Trezor users via their registered email addresses. Cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Trezor has begun investigating a possible data breach that may have compromised users’ email addresses and other personal information. Earlier today, on Apr. 3, several users from the Crypto Twitter community… More

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