Ethereum TPS boost? Starknet ‘Quantum Leap’ goes live


Uri Kolodny, the co-founder and CEO of StarWare said that Starknet’s latest Quantum Leap upgrade makes high TPS a reality on the Ethereum mainnet.

The much-anticipated Quantum Leap upgrade by layer-2 scaling protocol Starknet was recently deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, allowing for as much as 90 transactions per second (TPS), boosting the network’s speed. 

According to Uri Kolodny, the co-founder and CEO of StarWare, this is a momentous day for the Ethereum blockchain as the scaling ceiling has been “smashed.” He explained that “high TPS is finally a reality on Ethereum Mainnet” because of the new update. He added: 

“We said this upgrade would deliver potential TPS of hundreds within Q3, and only hoped from the stress test to check we’re on target. A few dozen TPS at this early point would have left us excited – but we got more than we bargained for.”

Kolodny also highlighted that they’ve managed to achieve a consistent 37 TPS. In addition, the executive also noted that during its peak moments, the tests showed that the transfer transactions per second almost hit 100.

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On July 5, Starknet’s Quantum Leap has been deployed in a testnet, recording speeds of up to triple figures. At the time of the testnet deployment, the team announced that they were expecting a the “time to inclusion” to be around 15 seconds. This means that decentralized applications (DApps) can confirm on-chain transactions in seconds. However, the reality exceeded this expectation.

“We were aiming for latency of under 15 seconds, and in the end the vast majority of transactions had a time-to-inclusion of under 10 seconds,” he explained. According to the Starknet team, more throughput and faster inclusion would pave the way for faster decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. This also means that AAA-rated games will become more realistic within the network.

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