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  • nft-studio-mojito-completes-$20m-seed-round-with-help-from-sotheby’s
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    NFT studio Mojito completes $20M seed round with help from Sotheby’s

    Mojito previously helped develop Sotheby’s new digital NFT marketplace platform, Metaverse. NFT development studio Mojito announced Friday that they have raised $20M in seed funding from a number of investors, including internationally known auction house Sotheby’s.According to an announcement published in Forbes, Sotheby’s auction house in partnership with Future Perfect Ventures, Creative Artists Agency and… More

  • oil factory
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    4 IT Services All Gas and Oil Companies Need

    Introduction Many oil and gas companies underutilize IT services that could benefit their day to day operations. IT can ensure your data is safe, streamline your workflow, and help you communicate with your employees and vendors. No matter your company’s size, you can benefit from implementing more IT services into your daily operations. Doing so […] More

  • industry-leaders-say-blockchain-makes-payment-services-more-efficient
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    Industry leaders say blockchain makes payment services more efficient

    Is blockchain the solution in making payments more transparent and secure? With online payments company Wirecard undergoing insolvency proceedings this month, mainstream financial services like VISA, PayPal, and Mastercard are rushing to fill the digital payments void, and be one of the first to offer crypto payment cards, stated experts in the crypto industry.During an… More

  • middle-east-shocker:-israel-may-sell-weapons-to-arab-nations
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    Middle East Shocker: Israel May Sell Weapons To Arab Nations

    FILE – In this Nov. 25, 2013 file photo, Israeli air force technicians check an Israeli air force … [+] plane F-16 of the Red Dragon squadron at Ovda airbase near Eilat, southern Israel. Croatia’s defense minister says Israel has failed to overcome U.S. objections to a plan to sell 12 used fighter jets to… More

  • china’s-blockchain-service-network-to-launch-stablecoin-support-in-2021
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    China’s Blockchain Service Network to launch stablecoin support in 2021

    China’s national blockchain project BSN could be the best fit for the digital yuan. China’s nationwide blockchain project, the Blockchain Service Network, or BSN, will be integrating stablecoin support in 2021.Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology, a major tech company involved in the BSN development, told Cointelegraph that the project will soon start integrating… More

  • monero-cryptojacking-malware-targets-higher-education
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    Monero Cryptojacking Malware Targets Higher Education

    Guardicore Labs explains that FritzFrog uses a brute-force attack on millions of addresses to gain access to servers. According to a study published by Guardicore Labs, a malware botnet known as FritzFrog has been deployed to ten millions of IP addresses. The malware has largely targeted governmental offices, educational institutions, medical centers, banks, and telecommunication… More

  • iota’s-chrysalis-upgrade-turbocharges-network-speeds-50x
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    IOTA’s Chrysalis Upgrade Turbocharges Network Speeds 50x

    IOTA’s network upgrade Chrysalis is now live, bringing an exponential increase in speed. The IOTA project has successfully completed its Chrysalis upgrade, enabling the network to handle up to 1000 transactions per second. This is around 50x faster than previously when  the network topped out around 20 TPS.According to an Aug. 19 blog post from… More