4 IT Services All Gas and Oil Companies Need

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Many oil and gas companies underutilize IT services that could benefit their day to day operations. IT can ensure your data is safe, streamline your workflow, and help you communicate with your employees and vendors.

No matter your company’s size, you can benefit from implementing more IT services into your daily operations. Doing so can save you time and money that you can allocate to optimizing and growing your business.

Reporting and Data Analytics

One of the most crucial ways you can use IT to improve your business is data management. If your company doesn’t already use data to help forecast and enhance daily operations, consider outsourcing oil and gas data management to help you get started.

Gas and oil companies need to forecast, manage risks, and allocate resources efficiently. Most of the time, these factors affect each other, and you can significantly improve them with data analytics. Having more accurate data takes the guesswork out of forecasting, which in return, lowers your risks. Data can also help you determine how best to allocate your resources, such as deciding if it’s more economical to buy or repair a piece of machinery.

Data analytics will also increase your company’s efficiency and productivity. Many companies use data for more accurate oil exploration and drilling. It can also improve your extraction process to ensure you’re getting the most oil possible.

Outside of the field, data analytics can help your company create the most efficient shipping routes possible. It can also optimize processing workflow and develop sales opportunities. If prospective stakeholders see that you’re using data to make your drilling more accurate, they will be more likely to invest in your company.

Cybersecurity Services

Any business that holds someone else’s data and information needs to be compliant about data security policies. Not having proper cybersecurity will put your company’s online security at risk and as well as your clients’ data. If your network has gaps that hackers can find and exploit, you might end up with a poor reputation and lose current and future customers and investors.

To make sure you’re compliant with cybersecurity policies and regulations, consider working with a dedicated cybersecurity service. Cyberattacks change and frequently evolve, which is often too complicated for companies to keep up with. However, cybersecurity companies have dedicated employees who work to thwart these attacks and make sure you’re compliant with any policies you’re required to adhere to.

Hardware/Software Selection and Implementation

Most oil and gas companies rely on hardware and software to keep their businesses operational. Having up-to-date hardware and software that works for your company’s needs is crucial for optimizing your productivity. However, many companies don’t have the time or expertise to explore every option available appropriately.

Working with an IT consulting firm can help you determine if your current software and hardware are adequate for your business. IT firms are more familiar with all the hardware and software options on the market and can help you determine which ones best suit your company’s size, goals, and daily operational needs.

Hiring an IT firm will increase your upfront costs. However, doing so will save you time and headaches later on, when you realize the software or hardware you chose doesn’t exactly fit your needs. IT companies are better suited to picking hardware and software for your needs and customizing them to make them even more useful to your company.

Communication Systems Management

Gas and oil companies have unique communication needs. You need to communicate with the public, your stakeholders, and your employees, including those working in fields with little to no Wi-Fi or phone service.

The bigger your company is, the higher your communication needs will be. If you have several employees on worksites, you need to contact them quickly in case of an emergency or change of plans. There are several IT solutions to this problem, such as communication systems management.

Companies that don’t already have a workable communication system will want to consult an IT firm for suggestions. Given the number of options on the market, it will be overwhelming without expert help to determine which one is best for the locations your offsite workers are in and how many sites will be part of your communication system.

Optimizing IT for Your Needs

IT services can help you create better forecasts, which can lower your risks and attract more stakeholders. Investing more in IT will also ensure you can communicate with offsite employees using state-of-the-art communication systems. If you’re ready to expand IT’s role at your company, consider hiring a dedicated IT company to help you start.

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