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  • finance-redefined:-defi-gets-its-first-merger-after-a-devastating-hack,-nov.-18–25


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    Finance Redefined: DeFi gets its first merger after a devastating hack, Nov. 18–25

    Pickle Finance got hacked so badly on Saturday that its developers asked to be merged into Yearn. Finance Redefined is Cointelegraph’s weekly DeFi-centric newsletter, delivered to subscribers every Wednesday.On Saturday, we saw one of the most complex smart contract hacks yet affecting Pickle Finance, a yield optimization protocol very similar to Yearn — an important… More

  • 3-reasons-ethereum’s-momentum-is-only-accelerating-as-eth-nears-$600
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    3 reasons Ethereum’s momentum is only accelerating as ETH nears $600

    Ether price has surged above $580 in recent days, but the impending release of Ethereum 2.0 isn’t the only catalyst driving the current rally. Alongside the high anticipation for Ethereum 2.0, the high time frame breakout and daily gas usage on Ethereum remain key positive factors.Eth2 momentum accelerates in correlation with priceThe Eth2 mainnet will… More

  • crypto-will-be-useful-but-bitcoin-is-hard-to-understand,-says-softbank-ceo
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    Crypto will be useful but Bitcoin is hard to understand, says SoftBank CEO

    Masayoshi Son found Bitcoin to be “distracting his own focus on his own business.” While the ongoing cryptocurrency bull run is boosting crypto adoption, some billionaire investors still find Bitcoin (BTC) to be something of a distraction. Masayoshi Son, a billionaire technology entrepreneur and CEO of Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, claimed that he “doesn’t understand” Bitcoin amid the… More

  • bitcoin-analyst-gives-4-reasons-why-btc-price-will-hit-$22,000-next
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    Bitcoin analyst gives 4 reasons why BTC price will hit $22,000 next

    Bitcoin price is on track to achieve $22,000 says one analyst, citing four main factors that could boost its momentum. Philip Swift, a Bitcoin (BTC) analyst and the creator of, laid out four reasons why BTC is headed to $22,000. Both fundamental and technical factors indicate the top cryptocurrency’s momentum is strengthening.The one-year HODL… More

  • uniswap-‘community-call’-will-discuss-extending-liquidity-mining-rewards

    Uniswap ‘community call’ will discuss extending liquidity mining rewards

    With Uniswap’s liquidity mining rewards program set to end in one week, the project has called a community meeting to discuss how to move forward. Leading decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap has announced an “unofficial community call” set for Nov. 12 at 12 noon ET. The call is scheduled to discuss several core governance issues central… More

  • 300-eth-sale-caps-wild-week-for-axie-infinity

    300 ETH sale caps wild week for Axie Infinity

    The record-breaking sale is a cherry on top of Axie Infinity’s strong week and even stronger year While a rally in the latter half of the week saw major names across the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem climb upwards of 100%, Axie Infinity — the Pokemon-inspired NFT game — carried the banner for the NFT space,… More

  • interview:-is-the-stock-to-flow-model-flawed?
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    Interview: Is the stock-to-flow model flawed?

    According to crypto analytic firm ByteTree, the popular stock-to-flow model is not a reliable indicator for Bitcoin’s long term price action. The stock-to-flow model is flawed, says Charlie Morris, co-founder and CIO of crypto data firm ByteTree. According to the popular theory developed by quantitative analyst Plan B, Bitcoin’s capped supply is the key feature that… More

  • wto-blockchain-report-says-customs-remains-‘weak-link’-of-trade-digitalization

    WTO blockchain report says customs remains ‘weak link’ of trade digitalization

    Analysts have been categorizing blockchain projects worldwide into a “periodic table” that allows for a granular analysis of the technology’s inroads into global trade. The World Trade Organization and Trade Finance Global have published their latest taxonomy of blockchain projects in international trade, arranged into what they present as a “periodic table” for the industry.The… More

  • corporate-giants-may-not-follow-microstrategy’s-bitcoin-adoption-play,-raoul-pal-explains

    Corporate giants may not follow MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin adoption play, Raoul Pal explains

    Communication is key, especially when it comes to explaining Bitcoin to mainstream corporate entities. Earlier this year, business intelligence giant MicroStrategy put $425 million of its treasury funds into Bitcoin (BTC). The move was largely seen as a big step in the right direction for mainstream Bitcoin adoption. MicroStrategy, with its CEO and founder Michael… More

  • reserve-bank-of-australia-forms-partnerships-to-research-cbdc
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    Reserve Bank of Australia forms partnerships to research CBDC

    The project will “explore if there is a future role for a wholesale CBDC in the Australian payments system,” according to the RBA. According to a Nov. 2 announcement from The Reserve Bank of Australia, or RBA, the financial institution will be partnering with the Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, the financial services company Perpetual,… More

  • former-google-lawyer-joins-spate-of-high-profile-attorneys-entering-crypto

    Former Google lawyer joins spate of high-profile attorneys entering crypto

    Coinbase leads a growing list of crypto companies attracting top-tier legal talent On Friday Coinbase Inc. announced the appointment of former Google Senior Legal Director Milana McCullagh as deputy general counsel for product and commercial legal.McCullagh, who worked for more than 13 years at Google, will work across functions at Coinbase on product legal support,… More

  • willy-woo:-signs-that-btc-is-decoupling-supports-its-‘safe-haven’-status

    Willy Woo: Signs that BTC is decoupling supports its ‘safe haven’ status

    Bitcoin’s decoupling from stocks began within days of its NVT price hitting an all-time high, according to Willy Woo. Bitcoin (BTC) has started to decouple from the U.S. stock market index S&P 500 according to crypto statistician Willy Woo. First signs of de-coupling behaviour spotted between BTC and stocks.Buying from an influx of new users provides… More

  • protect-and-serve?-the-dilemma-of-reissuing-lost-or-frozen-defi-tokens
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    Protect and serve? The dilemma of reissuing lost or frozen DeFi tokens

    DeFi apps attempt to return crypto funds affected by the KuCoin hack to users. Are they to blame for the issues? The recent KuCoin exchange hack and ongoing OKEx incident, during which withdrawals have been frozen, have raised questions as to how blockchain projects with coins traded on exchanges should act when said exchanges are… More

  • exit-scams-and-regulations-disrupt-global-darknet-markets

    Exit scams and regulations disrupt global darknet markets

    Recent exit scams have displaced the users of darknet markets, with Eastern European-only platform Hydra now the largest worldwide. A report published by blockchain forensics firm CipherTrace has detailed significant disruptions to the clandestine darknet marketplace sector following a spate of exit scams during recent months. Despite opportunities for new marketplaces to capture the users of… More

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