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  • a-european-perspective-on-primacy-in-a-digital-world

    A European Perspective On Primacy In A Digital World

    As the Euro is jostled by the Yuan/Renminbi and squeezed by the dollar, the lack of true world scale home-grown new economy enterprises has come to haunt the European psyche. The Europeans had the most negative reaction to Libra. They are acutely aware of the lack of true world-scale social media companies nurtured and created… More

  • defi-investor-turns-$200-into-$250,000;-sushiswap-crash-sinks-ether

    DeFi Investor Turns $200 Into $250,000; SushiSwap Crash Sinks Ether

    Get Forbes’ top crypto and blockchain stories delivered to your inbox every week for the latest news on bitcoin, other major cryptocurrencies and enterprise blockchain adoption. getty CRYPTO MARKETS Bitcoin stabilized following its near-20% crash at the beginning of September, and the market structure remains more bullish than it was when it plummeted 50% in March. Large… More

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    Digital Dollar Could ‘Compete’ With Bitcoin

    Digital dollars and central bank digital currencies are fast becoming a reality, with China this month reportedly expanding a pilot program for its digital yuan. While the U.S. has barely even begun thinking about a digital dollar, its potential implications have generated extensive debate, with a former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram… More

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    Was Bitcoin’s Recent Pullback Merely A Temporary Pause?

    Bitcoin fell 7% since Monday. Does this portend further downside? (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images) Getty Images Bitcoin prices suffered a retracement in the last few days, falling more than 7% from nearly $12,500 on Monday to less than $11,600 today on CoinDesk. At this point, cryptocurrency traders might be wondering whether this latest drop is… More