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  • cross-chain-bridges-and-defi-integration-are-pushing-these-3-altcoins-higher
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    Cross-chain bridges and DeFi integration are pushing these 3 altcoins higher

    Cross-chain interoperability and lucrative DeFi yield opportunities appear to be supporting the price recovery in Cardano, Matic and Stacks. The cryptocurrency market is showing signs of progress following a multiday sell-off that saw the total market capitalization drop by more than $400 billion as Bitcoin’s (BTC) price briefly fell below $46,000. While the majority of altcoins… More

  • dash-trade-volumes-soar-282%-in-2020-as-commercial-adoption-grows

    Dash trade volumes soar 282% in 2020 as commercial adoption grows

    The blockchain network behind the Dash cryptocurrency posted impressive fourth-quarter and full-year results on Thursday. Dash (DASH), a cryptocurrency analog for electronic cash, recorded impressive growth in 2020, as average daily trade volumes, users and retail payments grew considerably. During its Q4 live stream on Thursday, Dash Core Group reported that average trade volumes jumped 282%… More

  • ‘when-alt-season?’-etoro-may-have-some-answers
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    ‘When alt season?’ eToro may have some answers

    In 2020, holding the top 100 altcoins equally was a more lucrative investment than Bitcoin up until Dec. 18, according to eToro. Investors who knew when to swap Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins could have boosted their gains significantly in 2020, according to new research from eToro, the popular social trading platform. The challenge, of course,… More

  • all-risk,-no-gain?-the-vague-definition-of-stablecoins-is-causing-problems
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    All risk, no gain? The vague definition of stablecoins is causing problems

    It is a sign of our industry’s youth that we routinely fail to provide a coherent descriptive definition of a stablecoin. Sometimes, “stablecoins” and variants such as “algorithmic stablecoins” function like historical names, as they refer to projects that call themselves stablecoins, such as Basis Cash, Elastic Set Dollar, Frax and their clones.The word “stablecoin”… More

  • 3-key-reasons-why-polkastarter-(pols)-price-rallied-500%-since-december
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    3 key reasons why Polkastarter (POLS) price rallied 500% since December

    New partnerships, interest in initial decentralized exchange offerings and the success of Polkadot back Polkastarter’s impressive 500% rally. Polkastarter (POLS) is a cross-chain token pool and auction protocol built on the Polkadot (DOT) blockchain. It launched in October of 2020 as a way for projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment and since January… More

  • crypto-transactions-must-be-easier-that’s-it.-that’s-the-headline

    Crypto transactions must be easier. That’s it. That’s the headline

    The gulf between users and those who are designing cryptocurrency service platforms must be bridged before the masses will make the leap. As Bitcoin’s (BTC) price continues to climb ever higher, more and more people are beginning to educate themselves on how they can enter the cryptocurrency market. However, the realities of cryptocurrency ownership (long… More

  • swiss-crypto-bank-sygnum-tokenizes-shares-and-prepares-for-public-offering

    Swiss crypto bank Sygnum tokenizes shares and prepares for public offering

    Sygnum claims it is the first bank in the world to tokenize its shares. Sygnum, a major cryptocurrency bank in Switzerland, has successfully tokenized its shares on a blockchain in preparation for its upcoming public sale.According to an official Dec. 14 announcement, the bank tokenized its shares on the Ethereum blockchain using a proprietary tokenization… More

  • crypto-will-be-useful-but-bitcoin-is-hard-to-understand,-says-softbank-ceo
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    Crypto will be useful but Bitcoin is hard to understand, says SoftBank CEO

    Masayoshi Son found Bitcoin to be “distracting his own focus on his own business.” While the ongoing cryptocurrency bull run is boosting crypto adoption, some billionaire investors still find Bitcoin (BTC) to be something of a distraction. Masayoshi Son, a billionaire technology entrepreneur and CEO of Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, claimed that he “doesn’t understand” Bitcoin amid the… More

  • corporate-giants-may-not-follow-microstrategy’s-bitcoin-adoption-play,-raoul-pal-explains

    Corporate giants may not follow MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin adoption play, Raoul Pal explains

    Communication is key, especially when it comes to explaining Bitcoin to mainstream corporate entities. Earlier this year, business intelligence giant MicroStrategy put $425 million of its treasury funds into Bitcoin (BTC). The move was largely seen as a big step in the right direction for mainstream Bitcoin adoption. MicroStrategy, with its CEO and founder Michael… More

  • gemini-exec-to-join-bitstamp-crypto-exchange-as-new-ceo

    Gemini exec to join Bitstamp crypto exchange as new CEO

    Bitstamp is replacing its CEO for the first time since the company’s establishment. Bitstamp, one of the world’s oldest and largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is replacing its CEO for the first time.Nejc Kodrič, the firm’s CEO who co-founded Bitstamp back in 2011, is stepping down from his position. He will be moving into a new advisory… More

  • okex-founder-reportedly-under-investigation-as-exchange-suspends-withdrawals
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    OKEx founder reportedly under investigation as exchange suspends withdrawals

    OKEx founder Star Xu was reportedly questioned by police a week ago. The founder of major global cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has been reportedly questioned by authorities previous to OKEx suspending cryptocurrency withdrawals.OKEx founder Mingxing Xu, also known as Star Xu, has reportedly been questioned by the police, Chinese news agency Caixin reported today. According to… More

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