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  • hong-kong-will-not-tolerate-algorithmic-stablecoins-in-new-regulation

    Hong Kong will not tolerate algorithmic stablecoins in new regulation

    The new regulatory regime for stablecoins in Hong Kong should arrive no later than 2024. In the key principles of its upcoming regulatory framework, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKNA) didn’t find a place for algorithmic stablecoins. Instead, the chief financial regulator will demand all stablecoin issuers back up their values with underlying reserve assets More

  • tether-stablecoin-issuer-freezes-8.2m-usdt-on-ethereum:-data

    Tether stablecoin issuer freezes 8.2M USDT on Ethereum: Data

    Tether has frozen a total of 215 USDT addresses on Ethereum in 2022 so far, according to data compiled by ETH researcher Philippe Castonguay. Major stablecoin issuer Tether froze yet another batch of USDT on the Ethereum blockchain, freezing more than $8 million worth of the cryptocurrency.Crypto monitoring resource Whale Alert has identified several transactions… More

  • cbdcs-will-not-impact-private-stablecoin-market,-says-tether-cto

    CBDCs will not impact private stablecoin market, says Tether CTO

    Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino claimed CBDCs would primarily replace the old-age payment systems and utilize private blockchain as a modern and cost-controlled tech infrastructure. Paolo Ardoino, the chief technology officer at Tether, believes that the growing developments around central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) globally wouldn’t really impact the role of private stablecoins.Ardoino shared his two… More

  • hong-kong-begins-discussions-to-introduce-stablecoin-regulatory-framework

    Hong Kong begins discussions to introduce stablecoin regulatory framework

    The Hong Kong Monetary Authority shared a list of eight questions to seek policy-related recommendations citing five possible regulatory outcomes — no action, opt-in regime, risk-based regime, catch-all regime and blanket ban. Hong Kong’s central banking institution, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), released a questionnaire to gauge public opinion on regulations for crypto-assets and… More

    in taps Circle for global dollar deposits and Circle’s partnership enabled U.S. dollar deposits and receiving USDC for users in more than 30 countries. Digital asset exchange platform opened a new U.S. dollar fiat on-ramp thanks to a new partnership with global payment provider Circle, according to a June 28 announcement.The partnership between and Circle enables users in over… More

  • altcoin-roundup:-post-crash-prices-give-investors-a-chance-to-build-a-diversified-portfolio
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    Altcoin Roundup: Post-crash prices give investors a chance to build a diversified portfolio

    Looking to build a diversified crypto portfolio? DeFi, stablecoins and oracles are three cornerstone sectors to consider. Welcome to Cointelegraph Market’s Altcoin Roundup, an in-depth newsletter that focuses on investing from the perspective of fundamental analysis and seeks to identify emerging blockchain projects and tokens that fill niche demands within the growing cryptocurrency market.The concept… More

  • all-risk,-no-gain?-the-vague-definition-of-stablecoins-is-causing-problems
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    All risk, no gain? The vague definition of stablecoins is causing problems

    It is a sign of our industry’s youth that we routinely fail to provide a coherent descriptive definition of a stablecoin. Sometimes, “stablecoins” and variants such as “algorithmic stablecoins” function like historical names, as they refer to projects that call themselves stablecoins, such as Basis Cash, Elastic Set Dollar, Frax and their clones.The word “stablecoin”… More

  • an-online-future-for-finance-is-inevitable,-says-occ’s-brooks
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    An online future for finance is inevitable, says OCC’s Brooks

    Brooks considers the migration of the financial system onto the internet “inevitable.” The departing leader of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is convinced that the future of finance is blockchain-native, per a conversation with crypto analytics firm Elliptic on Wednesday.Described by Elliptic CEO Simone Maina as “a fairy godfather to the crypto… More

  • new-york-authorizes-first-yen-stablecoin-operator-in-the-us

    New York authorizes first Yen stablecoin operator in the US

    Japanese firm GMO will now be able to offer Yen and dollar-pegged stablecoins to the public in New York. New York has given the first authorization to a stablecoin backed by the Japanese Yen to operate in the U.S.Per a Dec. 29 announcement, the New York Department of Financial Services has granted Japanese firm a… More

  • china’s-blockchain-service-network-to-launch-stablecoin-support-in-2021
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    China’s Blockchain Service Network to launch stablecoin support in 2021

    China’s national blockchain project BSN could be the best fit for the digital yuan. China’s nationwide blockchain project, the Blockchain Service Network, or BSN, will be integrating stablecoin support in 2021.Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology, a major tech company involved in the BSN development, told Cointelegraph that the project will soon start integrating… More