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    Toyota Might Be A Lone Victim Of Latest Brexit Talks Hurdle

    Toyota Corolla compact hatchback sedan on display at Brussels Expo (Photo by Sjoerd van der … [+] Wal/Getty Images) Getty Images Britain’s auto industry has become the focal point of Brexit talks with the European Union (EU) and Toyota looks like bearing the brunt of pressure which unresolved could lead the world’s biggest auto maker… More

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    Does Roadster Offer Cure For Car Dealer Process Gone Wrong?

    Roadster, a company that provides online shopping services to car dealers, is trying to make … [+] submitting your email address to a dealer a positive experience. (Photo by Wodicka/ullstein bild via Getty Images) ullstein bild via Getty Images If you have ever submitted your email address to a car dealer when you were seeking… More

  • great-ocean-explorers,-tobacco,-locomation-and-a-good-sign-for-av-progress

    Great Ocean Explorers, Tobacco, Locomation And A Good Sign For AV Progress

    Locomation Autonomous Concept Locomation A previous article “Christopher Columbus And Evaluating Autonomous Vehicles As An Investor” discussed the nature of the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) investment space. The article emphasized that true progress in the AV space is not driven by investments or partnerships. Rather, one must look for nuggets of progress which demonstrate actual technical… More