4 Alternative Investments To Consider In 2022


Investing is challenging — especially in an economy upset by pandemics, supply chain issues, chip shortages, and countless other short- and long-term concerns.

The good news is that creative investors are always finding ways around traditional investment roadblocks. If you’re nervous about wading into a potentially overpriced stock market in 2022, here are a few alternative investment opportunities that should be on your radar.

1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been all the rage in the last ten years. Since 2020, the crypto market has faired particularly well, even if it’s come with its signature massive swings up and down.

The initial cryptocurrency crazy may be fading into the rearview mirror, but this isn’t due to a lack of interest. On the contrary, widespread adoption is becoming increasingly more likely. 

This has the potential to make crypto a solid investing strategy that could last far into the future. It may not yield the same explosive risk-reward experience as the early days, but the crypto ride is far from over at this point and worth further investing consideration.

2. NFTs

Going hand in hand with cryptocurrency is the ongoing explosive growth in the NFT world. The NFT trend is newer than cryptocurrency, and in many ways, it offers a more explosive chance at success. 

The difficulty here for investors is finding quality NFTs that have the legs to go the distance. Research your NFTs before making a purchase. If you’re having trouble minting a quality NFT at launch, look for a well-established alternative that’s already published. 

For instance, DeadHeads is a fan-favorite project that, while already launched, has remained a solid investment. After a mint value of .09 ETH in June 2021, the floor value of the NFTs (i.e. the lowest value that one could be purchased) proceeded to double in price within the next six months. The project also has long-term value via an ongoing animated series that features already-owned NFTs.

Projects like DeadHeads can offer excellent investment opportunities. Just look for signs of long-term investment value, such as a quality NFT community and a visionary roadmap.

3. Real Estate

The real estate world continues to boggle the mind. Rising home values means getting in on the action becomes an ever-more-expensive proposition.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways that investors can find a backdoor into the pricey real estate market in 2022.

For example, existing homeowners should look for ways to invest in their own homes. The contracting professionals at Angi highlight a number of remodeling projects that can provide a high level of ROI when you go to sell your home in the future. 

Another option is to look for foreclosed homes. These can present valuable opportunities to flip a home and sell high in an inflated market.

4. Peer-To-Peer Lending

The decentralization of many traditionally expensive investment opportunities has opened up many unexpected investing doors. One that continues to grow in popularity is peer-to-peer lending.

An investment that is as simple as it sounds, peer-to-peer lending involves committing your own money to a system that lets others borrow it. You’re paid back in small installments that ultimately leave you with your original cash with a tidy sum of interest on the side.

While peer-to-peer lending is a valuable investment option, be careful how you go about allocating your loanable funds. Look for a trusted lending platform, like Upstart, to faithfully manage your money. 

Stocks and bonds are a nice way to plan for the future, but they should never be your only investment. If you’re looking for a way to increase your rewards, even if it comes with a little extra risk, consider options like those listed above to boost your portfolio in 2022. Here are also a few cash alternatives to help you diversify if you are needing other outlets.

From meta options like cryptocurrency and NFTs to tangible real estate projects to traditional-yet-cutting-edge financial loans, the opportunities are still available for any savvy investor who’s willing to seize them.

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