Understanding Pylon MINE

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What is Pylon MINE?

MINE is one of the Pylon Protocol’s crypto tokens that is traded at on the Terra station blockchain network. Pylon Protocol involves several activities which culminate in users depositing and receiving MINE tokens in their Terra station wallets. It is the first token to be released under the project Pylon Gateway project. Pylon is just, one of the numerous exciting projects found in Terra.

The Pylon project combines savings and payment crypto products established on stable yield-bearing protocols to provide the required services effectively when users make deposits. Pylon protocol comes with multiple options that users can employ to receive the native MINE tokens to their wallets.

The Pylon MINE token was released to enable holders to participate in community governance using the Pylon Web App on the Pylon Protocol. Holders can use their MINE tokens to generate governance polls, among other functionalities like such as voting on community fund grants and critical updates on the Pylon protocol. Here are the top ways in which users can acquire the Pylon MINE tokens.

How Do You Acquire MINE Tokens?

Before you think of getting into MINE, there are a few must-have pre-requisites. First of all, you need a Terra station wallet with some crypto in it and then a desire to farm MINE. It is important to note that there is no other crypto exchange or trading platform where you can find MINE tokens apart other from than Terra. You can click to read more here on how you sign up and start earning with Pylon MINE.

The following are the top ways you can earn Pylon MINE Tokens.

Staking LUNA tokens

Several crypto tokens can be traded at the Terra blockchain network. While these tokens cannot be as valuable as the top digital currencies in circulation like Bbitcoin, they are still one of the widely traded crypto tokens. LUNA is one of the most popular Terra tokens, and surprisingly it is not even ranked among the top 20 of the most valuable digital currencies. Regardless of these statistics, the Terra network is ranked among the top 5 crypto trading platforms.

As an investor, you might be wondering how staking LUNA tokens on Terra can earn you MINE tokens. It is simple. , actually. Recently, Terra started awarding LUNA stakers with airdrops that can be redeemed weekly, or at a time when you think you will benefit most. You can redeem these airdrops either in the form of Pylon MINE tokens or LUNA as well.

Exchanging any Terra tokens with MINE

If you are a seasoned crypto investor, you must have come across the term crypto- to- crypto exchange. This means that instead of using real cash to purchase a specific crypto, you can use a different crypto in your wallet. ,G go to a crypto exchange and convert the crypto to another of your choosing. The same procedure can be done on Terra to acquire Pylon MINE tokens.

Numerous tokens can be traded in through the various projects found in Terra. Luckily for you, if you want some MINE tokens and possess any token within the Terra station, you can conduct a direct swap. You can do the exchange at the Terra station wallet with ease.

Once you have acquired your Pylon MINE tokens, you can decide to stake them for more rewards. For you to successfully stake MINE, you will visit the Pylon protocol page, connect it with Terra and proceed to do your staking.

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