Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Switch to Private Cloud

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Private cloud computing offers a huge host of benefits that public cloud simply cannot. If you have been considering making the switch to private cloud computing, here are five reasons why you are making the right decision…

1. Private cloud enhances security

Private cloud services depend on a number of features to enhance data security, including anti-virus software and firewall. With private cloud, you know exactly where your servers are located as well as having the knowledge that the right network and physical security is being utilised. What’s more, you can easily get in contact with your service providers and visit their location if you want to see where your physical and network security is located.

2. It enhances resource management

Making the virtual transition will increase the value of your physical server hardware. You may have utilised multiple servers that use around 10% CPU, but with private cloud you can virtualise this onto the one virtual server that then shares the resources.

This decreases power usage, rack space and is easier to maintain. This also allows your business to produce server copies and incorporate them with ease. If you enlist the proper resource management tools for your server, it can be easy to automatically allocate the correct resources to a server when it needs it. Conversely, you can turn off unneeded servers when they are providing low usage, making it a simple way to manage your servers.

3. Enhanced disaster protection

When you double up your private cloud with a SAN, you can achieve incredible redundancy. You can easily shift server resources between servers on-the-go, but you can also shut down one server without all the downtime!

This makes things like replacing a hard drive, upgrading software and adding more RAM easy. When the proper configuration is in place, you can turn off one server and will automatically shift the virtual servers to a free server operating in your private cloud. This takes disaster protection to whole new levels of competency.

4. The transition creates increased flexibility

Taking your data from physical to virtual servers increases your organisational flexibility. You don’t have to worry about wasting time and effort in attempting to size a server beforehand when you can easily make one on-the-go. Private cloud computing easily provides increased CPU, RAM, disk space and more. You can simply reallocate your organisation’s resources in a few minutes without stressing over finding a physical server that will contain the resources your new server requires.

5. It simply saves time & money

All complex linguo aside: private clouds save organisations plenty of time, money and resources. Your organisation won’t only receive the incredible benefits of security and virtualisation, but it can be far cheaper, and far less of a problem, than buying dedicated servers or hosting your own servers. If your business organisation has multiple servers, virtualisation is the way to go, as it will allow your organisation to save plenty of time and resources down the track.

Do your organisation a favour!

In this hyper-tech era, it’s simply not efficient for an organisation to be lagging behind with servers that don’t actually serve their needs. With private cloud computing, your organisation will benefit from things like enhanced security, disaster protection, resource management and flexibility without the downtime provided by other servers.

It’s simply the most efficient option for organisations looking to enhance their digital prowess…

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