Top 3 Lessons For Financial Independence


Jeff Sekinger, CEO of 0 Percent

Jeff Sekinger, CEO of 0 Percent which helps people reach financial independence

0 Percent

Since 2018, Jeff Sekinger has helped several thousands of people through his company, 0 Percent, which offers financial consulting services to help people leverage business credit so they can fund their entrepreneurial ambitions. In the last three years, he has grown the business rapidly using social media but he’s had to overcome addiction, Corporate America, and his mindset to get there. Here are the top three lessons he shared in the hopes of helping other entrepreneurs. 

Always Remember Your Value System 

Sekinger was born in Pittsburgh, PA but was raised in Columbus, Ohio after his family relocated when he was five years old. From a young age, he always had a knack for the business and finance world as he grew up with entrepreneurs for parents. When they divorced, he noticed the financial toll his family’s finances took. 

“I moved into a small apartment with my dad and a small house with my mom. I knew that the closer I could get to the money, the more security and less stress I would feel,” he said. “I realized that I developed my drive for financial success from seeing both sides of what money and a lack thereof brought to the household.”

For college, he attended the University of Kentucky and majored in finance. After holding several internships and receiving his degree, he began working in private wealth and asset management for JPMorgan Chase. Although working for the company brought him much experience, he started questioning whether or not he wanted to continue the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Sekinger began creating business plans and built his brand on Instagram. Wanting more independence to speak on financial topics than his employment allotted, he quit his job and chose to go all-in to his business planning full-time. 

Know You’re Never Too Far Gone to Start Over

When Sekinger was still in high school, he was an avid athlete, playing on his school’s football team as outside safety and corner. After suffering an injury to his rib muscles, doctors prescribed him pain medication but over six years became addicted to opioids. He continued to excel in school and college while grasping his addiction, but he remained dependent on them. 

The addiction followed Sekinger into his professional life as well. He found himself having to use the drugs multiple times a day just to feel normal and function. In 2018, he found himself in tens of thousands of debt from trying to keep up with the habit and function properly at work. Sekinger soon entered Cornerstone of Recovery, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that helped him get back on his feet to reinvent his lifestyle. 

After his 31-day stay, he realized that he used drugs to escape reality, keeping him from his ambitions and what he wanted to do in life; he also received a wake-up call after finding out how much debt he had, along with a credit score of 524. He started educating himself on personal finances and credit to help get him out of his hole and soon raised his score to 793. 

Get Motivated and Help Others On The Same Path

Once he got back on track, he created his marketing agency with a fellow entrepreneur, which helped pull him out of debt and gave him a second chance at taking hold of his life. By being able to work hard and lower his debt, it gave him the idea to share his tips with others who may be in similar situations.

“I knew that I had just done something truly remarkable for myself and wanted to do the same for others that had a passion for business and finances,” he said. 

Sekinger rebranded his company to 0 Percent and started teaching others how to leverage their credit for both personal and business purposes, to ultimately create great lifestyles. Through his courses, he coaches people on strategic 0% financing, a method that helps fund a person with 0% interest credit, and allows them to stay at 0% interest for up to three to five years; this gives said person a chance to focus on growing their business without cutting their margins from interest expense.

As he found ways to transform his life after years of hardship, Sekinger’s main goal has been to do the same for others; helping them build their financial independence.

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