WWE Money In The Bank 2023 Results: Roman Reigns Pinned In Shocking Upset


Roman Reigns is in the midst of an epic WWE Universal title reign. (Credit: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via … [+] Getty Images)

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WWE Money in the Bank 2023 continued the gradual dissolution of The Bloodline when Roman Reigns was pinned for the first time December 2019.

The Bloodline’s epic Civil War Match concluded with a barrage of superkicks and a top rope splash from Jey Uso, who defeated “The Tribal Chief” in front of a raucous crowd in London. The instant classic familial battle was the latest development in what has been perhaps the greatest storyline in WWE history.

And that’s the result of sole well thought-out, long-term planning.

At WrestleMania 39 in April, The Bloodline first began to truly crumble when The Usos lost their Undisputed Tag Team Championship to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Prior to that event, it was reported that WWE had mapped out roughly a year of post-WrestleMania creative plans surrounding Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

It has worked out wonderfully so far, and one of the biggest moments of this epic storyline came when Reigns was pinned at Money in the Bank—the first time he lost in roughly three and a half years.

Heading into Money in the Bank, WWE was reportedly considering two very different finishes for the Civil War match. WWE obviously decided to go with what fans saw in the O2 Arena, where Jey pulled off the upset of the decade. Had WWE gone the other route, with Reigns and Solo Sikoa winning, it likely would have been entertaining, but it certainly wouldn’t have been as memorable.

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If there is one thing WWE fans have learned during The Bloodline’s storyline, it’s to trust the process.

There has arguably never been a storyline in WWE’s existence with so many compelling twists and turns that have also helped everyone involved. Every member of The Bloodline, ranging from Sikoa to The Usos is in a significantly better position than they were prior to the faction’s creation.

Given what transpired in London, WWE continues to have a plethora of options as far as where this storyline can go.

Perhaps Jey, who pinned Reigns, will now challenge him for the Undisputed Universal title at SummerSlam. Maybe there will be a slow build to Reigns vs. Solo Sikoa. There is no definitive answer yet, but the highs and lows of The Bloodline saga have, for the most part, all been wildly compelling thus far, which should result in optimism about the future direction of this diegesis.

Paul Heyman and Reigns himself, of course, have been heavily involved in the booking of this storyline, which has been carefully crafted so that everything that happens, well, matters. There is no wasted movement or wasted momentum.

Though it was reported just a couple of months ago that WWE may be building to Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes in a rematch at WrestleMania 40 next year, the recent developments in The Bloodline could necessitate a curveball, with WWE changing course based on crowd reaction.

That already happened once with Sami Zayn, who got so over as an “Honorary Uce” that WWE was forced to change its original plans and extend Zayn’s involvement well beyond its original expiration date. History may repeat itself, too.

With WWE having Reigns lose to Jey at Money in the Bank, more swerves are coming after Jey put the first chink into Reigns’ once impenetrable armor.

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