Energy Solutions to Lower Your Commercial Building Expenses

solar roof panels


Running a business is expensive — there’s no way around it. But if you could lower some of your business costs and increase your profit margin, wouldn’t you go for it?

Take a second look at your commercial building. You could be wasting tons of money each month on your energy costs. By investing in better energy solutions, you can lower those bills and save on your business expenses.

Here are a few simple renovations that can help you save.

1. Heating and cooling

It’s important to keep your commercial building comfortable for your staff and customers. But if you haven’t updated the HVAC system in your building recently, you could be wasting tons of energy and money every time you run it.

Affordable upgrades like buried ducting, efficient water heaters, and better insulation will reduce energy waste, so that every cent you spend on heating or cooling actually goes toward maintaining the temperature in your building.

2. Roofing

Need to replace your commercial roof? Talk to a local roofing contractor. They’ll tell you about the best roofing materials for your area, to hold cool air in and keep heat out (or vice versa).

With the right materials and insulation, you won’t have to run your HVAC as often, saving you tons of money in the long run.

3. Solar

Investing in solar for your commercial building is the best way to save money every year.

After the initial investment, you can lower your regular utility bills and worry less about waste. Your solar installation will pay itself off quickly — plus, your business could be eligible for California tax rebates for solar.

Get in touch with a roofing and solar installer near you. The more you save on your commercial building, the more your business will earn.


There are many solutions to lower your commercial building expenses, including some technological options. With some simple renovations you can dramatically lower your operating costs.

Some of the best cost saving areas to look into include heating and cooling, your roofing, and potentially investing in solar to further offset your existing utility costs.

These three areas are our top picks to lower your monthly expenses. Your money saved can then be invested in more productive areas to further improve your bottom line.

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