Project Management Training Methods

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Project management training involves a wide variety of academics – and sometimes practical – knowledge. Some trainees look to get on as many courses as possible to get as much of these.  Others try to come up with innovative ways to earn their PMP certification.

Ultimately, there is no one “right” way to manage a project. In fact, a project lifecycle – the approach to project management – can ruin the ability of trainees to manage their project, as can anything else you will get from them.

The standard PM certification routes are fine if the courses you take are in the specific order you want to take them. If you are a project manager, and you are currently learning about PM, you can’t be doing the same thing as you were the day before you started. You will learn a lot from PRINCE2 Course Edinburgh.

There are two main routes to taking project management certification. You can join a group certified by the PMI, or you can do it by taking an “on your own” (self-study) route.

The advantage of the on your own route is that all PMP Exam material is available free online and in video form. If you are a solo-ist, this is a big, big hurry-up time saver – you get to learn everything at your own pace.

The other advantage is the short e-learning courses you can take, and you have to pay for your own paper courses instantly.

The self-study route gets you on your own if you want to learn by doing actual work.  If you know your way around that kind of book-store (or an open environment with computer, of course) then take it.  The other route is proven and should earn you more and better PMP credentials.

Project Management Training Methods

A lot of PMP Exam materials come in “book” form.  Materials the instructor wants you to absorb, materials that don’t.  You can buy those booklets, or you can take on individual courses from your boss or classmates.

The biggest and best-known schooling provider of PM-based classes for the PMI (Project Management Institute) has its own online classes. Delivering interactive classes on topics ready for reference, page-by-page online, the instructor’s teaching process is speeding along like a casuallyercise class in healthcare.

On top of that there are often interactive Q&A sections.  These are actually great ways to learn the material and keep your mind entertained.

Sharing the PMP Exam Taken by Many Others

A common way to take the PMP Exam is to take a group of an hour.  A practical PMP examination option exists for doing just that, networking with like-minded project managers around the city.

Besides learning the material, you get to meet in a group projects and network with the PMPs at sites running PM activities (more on this to follow later).  The methodology is very valuable.

The next time you sit down and take the PMP Exam you will have a similar spirit.  You will have had much the same with other groups.  Good training provides practical, clear, and useful content.

Project Management Online Training

The strength of online programs is that training can be done at home, at the office, and in “the cloud”.  Even in our own homes.  There is a study guide and a video series all made in your home and available online.

Take the time to learn you study is, and as your motivation goes up, so does your knowledge and fluency move up along with it. There is even more of a personal quality to online study tools than there is to “class” in person – even on paper-based online classes like the PMI’s core-process knowledge areas of business and project management.

The Importance of a Curriculum

The curriculum comes in a variety of flavors.  These include home study kits, online guides, live classes, and outlines for learning by doing.  The results depend entirely on you, and your readiness.

The best time to start are usually when you are ready to take the exam, or if you have at least a quality set of project management skills.

By taking a core-process class, you should be flexible enough to take a “core-process” class at your own pace and need, but you should be confident enough to face your own self-defeat in learning a new core-process.

It’s been said many times that the PMBOK® is theonlyproduct of the PMI that will ever change. However, it is the BOOK, and is the “product” of deep study by credentialed professionals. The only question is what that is.  A related project management training subject is PMP®.

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