Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day #356 Answer And Hint: Friday, June 10th


Here’s today’s Wordle #356 solution plus a helpful hint.

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Friday, thank God it is—as the little green man might say after a hard day on the Jedi Counsel, or working the swamps of Dagobah.

It’s been a long week and a busy one and I’ve been fighting off some kind of minor cold and sore throat. I hear the rona is making its rounds again but I don’t think it’s that (though you never know and if it persists I will stick that swab up my nose until I cry and sneeze and shake my fist at God).

But a little cold can’t keep me from my daily Wordle, nor my daily Wordle guides. So let’s take a look at today’s Wordle hint and answer for Wordle #356. This one is a bit tricky!

Today’s Wordle #356 Hint & Answer

Spoiler warning! (Just one this time, don’t be greedy).

Today’s hint: devotion to religious acts, godliness

And the answer is . . .

Wordle #356 answer

Credit: Erik Kain

Well that’s a tricky one!

My first guess was pretty on point despite only getting one letter (though happily in green). Normally, boats will reduce the number of possible solutions to just 135 out of 2,309 but this time I chopped the remaining words down to 35.

Wordle Bot was kind of a jerkface about my second guess, teeth, despite it cutting the remaining solutions down to just one (you literally can’t do better unless you guess the answer!) I guess whine would have been a better guess 69% of the time (very funny Wordle Bot).

In any case, there was only one possible solution remaining and I got it so I win and Wordle Bot loses and I am now the grand high mage of doom and a cowboy in the sun boat of Ra and a rider of the purple sage. Suck on that you stupid robot!

Peace be unto you, dearest Wordlers. Don’t forget to follow this blog because you love me and I love you.

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