Fatora Starts Applying Artificial Intelligence Techniques in E-commerce

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The Fatora platform works on applying artificial intelligence techniques in developing the fields of e-commerce and supporting billing systems, to facilitate business and raise the efficiency of the performance of projects and companies that depend on the Internet.

Given the importance of artificial intelligence technologies in improving the work of electronic stores and managing bills and financial transactions, it decided to invest in artificial intelligence in serving its customers, and the system was characterized by many advantages.

Advantages of applying artificial intelligence techniques in the field of e-commerce:

It works on improving the suggestions of the online store for customers, so that it shows them suggestions of products based on their previous browsing history or what has been previously purchased, and it also shows them products that are usually purchased together, or related to each other, which contributes to increased sales.

Artificial intelligence techniques also improve the inventory management process based on quantitative forecasting, in other words, inventory management based on the previous performance of products, which contributes to maintaining the most appropriate level of inventory and reduces costs and losses in the long term.

Artificial intelligence is characterized by a high ability to understand customers through their behavior and what they are looking for, which contributes to improving the communication and marketing process.

So that it improves the process of selecting the message sent, for example, by email, which is most appropriate for the customer, and the most capable of influencing him, and also allows the use of chatbots to interact with your customers, attract their attention and help them make a purchase decision.

It makes e-marketing more effective and targeted to the target audience based on the shopper’s prior searches.

It also contributes to strengthening electronic billing systems, reducing the possibility of exposure to fraud, increasing the accuracy of billing and long financial transactions, and reducing the time and effort spent on duplicating the bill through the photo scanner.

It also helps in reminding customers of the most appropriate date for their payment, with prior determination from you, via e-mail, text messages, or WhatsApp messages.

These were the latest developments in Fatora platform, and the constant pursuit of more important updates in terms of e-commerce for the merchant and the shopper.

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