Is There a Better Alternative to the Google Search Engine?

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Whether we are in Bangkok or San Francisco, Milan, or Sao Paulo, if we are looking to do an Internet search, chances are Google is our search engine go-to.

The multinational tech company has cornered the search market, capturing roughly 90% of the global market share. But few areas are where still it lags behind.

China has banned it and Russia is one of those countries which has developed its homegrown company known as Yandex, which is giving a tough time to the World champion Google, but here in Russia, 55% of the market is dominated by Yandex.

Why Do Russians Prefer Yandex Over Google?

Russia with a population of approximately 145 million citizens and the majority of this population prefers Yandex.

Yandex had a big head start on Google, Yandex was launched in 1997 a year before Google in 1998, but Google did not even move into the Russian market until 2004.this was the point where Yandex dominated and came out as superior to Google.

Not to forget by then the industry was going through babyhood phases.

Today, of course, just like Google it has expanded and transformed from just a search engine to the biggest Technology and Media Company in Russia.

And while Google has been in Russia for 16 years now, according to the experts Yandex is way better than Google in interpreting Russian language searches, due to its confusing language patterns at which Google could not entertain the native users.

Yandex is designed as a Russian language search engine. The morphology of the Russian language is so confusing that even from a very basic level is very different from that of English.

Just like Google, Yandex has also expanded far beyond its origins as a search engine like:

  • Email service
  • Cloud and online payment services
  • Offers streaming music and news
  • Built-in GPRS technology to show live traffic maps
  • Working on initial stages of testing driverless vehicles.

Future Growth and Stock Verdict

Yandex Company knew to grow exponentially, we need to go beyond the limits and hit the International market.

Initially, Yandex had a bumpy ride in American markets, going back in 2011, YNDX stock per share was traded around $35 and on occasions, it grew to $40.

But then later on it saw a drowning phase as being traded on $10, regardless nine years later, YNDX stock is again trading at $58 per share.

According to the experts Yandex business has been expanding praiseworthy, as it has been posting concrete double-digit synthesized growth rates in revenues and earnings.

Future growth such as testing driverless vehicles, creating applications with the help of yahoo and Microsoft for its native users makes Yandex Stock a wealthy choice to invest in.

Despite all the good things some sort of risk still exists as Russia and the U.S are not on the best of terms, additionally in the past Russian companies have had serious corporate governance issues.

Though from an investor’s eye as an emerging-markets Tech Company there’s a lot to love about Yandex stock.

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