PRINCE2 Project Management Isn’t Easy

project planning


While the task of managing a project is not easy, project management can be defined as a method of organizing and maintaining the physical workplace set up for a specific project. So a project is really a version of a business.

A project cannot be planned or managed this way, it just happens. The manager is just the person needed to make sure that expected outcomes are achieved within time limits set.

When the act of planning a project is used it is known as project planning. Many people could not understand that a document describing an outcome or goal is actually a very important project or paperwork. Certainly something covered in an accredited prince2 training course.

You must maintain a document for every project so that it is easy to use and it is organized effectively. This is the document, “A Project Plan”. It has details on all components such as the use of the physical space, who will do what and who will be doing what. In addition to each component in a project there will be a team or activity.

The project team includes the project manager. It is the project manager’s job to coordinate the different people involved in different activities lined up for the project. The Project Stephane is a sort of manager that is there to ensure the concept of planning and performing the tasks works. The project manager and the project team have to work together to establish the exact and detailed goals and give it to the appropriate members.

First, the project manager needs to decide the scope of the project in terms of how much time and planning to give the people involved in it. Then objectives, or goals must be assigned to the project team members. The effort to project planning and administration can now commence. First of all the scheduling and preparation of the physical area in the work place is done. Some of the materials and equipment, the equipment and facilities have to be physically determined together with the organization of the various areas of the work area.

The project administrator must prepare the scheduling of the activities that are to be included in the project. There are many things that are needed to be given careful consideration; and once decided, it is necessary to list your activities to completion as notes on the agenda.

While getting your project done, you must ensure accuracy of time keeping, ensure good communication over the project to all stakeholders, and have a ready list of people involved in the project. All activities should be assigned in a predetermined way. Every activity should have a deadline and if you are unable to meet the deadline, deadlines will need to be re-scheduled.

When it comes to the physical creation of the project, the project manager must be more concerned with the budget of the project and using the available material.

When the activities are completed, project administrator should ensure that they are organized in an easy to operate manner.

The Takeaway

Project planning is the foundation of every project. This process is not adding any value to the project in any way, so your project will not be successful otherwise. You must proactively work on your project as this physical structure cannot be complete without it. So as your project is completed, your physical structure will need to be changed to another more practical structure.

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